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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A heart full of thanks

There are moments, days, months, years that there is so much to be thankful for. Even when we are in difficult seasons, there are blessings, sometimes small in the light of so much hardship, but our hearts respond with gratitude. And I have learned, through experience, that I can testify to this favorite verse of mine:

Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.
- Psalm 27:13

This year has certainly had the Lord's goodness woven through it. As a highlight, my birthday always results in me feeling loved by friends and family. Number 28 was exceptional in that regard. My heart was overflowing with gratitude for my family, loved ones and friends as they loved on me. And my heart responds with a shout of joy to my Creator, and I realize, even more sharply, that we were made by a loving God that wants us to experience His love and that is sometimes shown by example by those he has placed in our life.

From a birthday party extravaganza thrown by a sweet roommate, delivered coffee and a birthday candle in a muffin on the morning of, to dinner with my parents and Hunt, numerous phone calls and texts, a birthday card from my campus pastor, and facebook posts, I was enveloped by love to where it was easy to tear up from sheer happiness.

Looking back, as I like to do every year, this was yet another incredible twelve months.

From 2/10/07 to 2/10/08 I...
  • Traveled to 5 major cities:
    San Diego, Philadelphia, New Orleans (twice!), Charlotte, & Athens (Greece)
  • Went on my second mission trip to Greece
  • Had two major (to me) surgeries: a tonsillectomy and LASIK
  • Went on full-time staff at Buckhead Church.
  • Started my first job in ministry the day we opened the new BC building.
  • Played my first full round of golf.
  • I went to IKEA for the first time.
  • Attended three weddings.
  • Was a bridesmaid in two of those weddings.
  • Went to 3 Clemson football games. They won once.
  • 3 Beach trips:
    Seaside, FL, Sandestin, FL and Halkidiki, Greece
  • Organized and directed the Labor Day Retreat baptisms down in Sandestin.
  • My parents moved back to Atlanta.
  • I moved out of my apartment that I had been in for three and a half years.
  • Tried several new restaurants.
    Some of my favs: Atmosphere, Trois, Murphy's, Cafe at Pharr, JCT Kitchen
  • Celebrated one year of a clean bill of health for my father after a successful fight with cancer!
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