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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A year of living

My birthday always causes me to think of all that has happened in another year of my life. Some crazy events, some boring moments, but definitely a full year from 2/10/06 to 2/10/07.

Traveled to 7 major cities:
San Diego, Dallas, Huntsville, Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, and Charleston

Attended my first stock car race.

Started a new job.

Learned how to shoot a shotgun and a handgun.

Shot sporting clays and skeet for the first time and took a 9 hour self-defense handgun course.

Went to seven weddings.

Was a bridesmaid in two of those weddings.
Was maid of honor in one.
Sang a duet in one.

Attended 2 funerals.

Won the president's award for total sales profit for TRC.

Went to 3 college football games.

Traveled to one college football bowl game.

4 Beach trips:
Pawley's Island, SC; Edisto Island, SC; Dewey, DE; and Seaside, FL

Tried sushi for the first time.

Ran 6 miles as a result of my own impetus. And, yes, it was in one outing, thanks a lot to all of you who wondered. No one was chasing me with a machete. Promise.

Bought a new car.

Replaced hood on said new car after a pickup truck backed into it.

Celebrated a clean bill of health for my father after a successful fight with esophageal cancer.

Took my first golf lesson.

Saw the Rocky Mountains in person for the first time.

Caught my first live comedy show at the Tabernacle.

Sent Molly to live with my parents. I miss the little punkin around the house.

Joined a new bible study.

Mom and Dad celebrated 30 years of marriage.

Tried several new restaurants.
Some of my favs: Pasta de Pucinella, Tin Drum, Boneheads, and Mimi's.

Held a 30-minute old Samuel Walker Laterveer on 3/31/06.

Got pulled over by the police once.
And cried as a result.
A lot.

I was abundantly blessed to have another year with a loving family, wonderful friends, an awesome church, a decent job and having too many more new things to do and try!

This year has taught me in surprising and transforming ways about the love that God has for me and the sacrifice that Christ made for me when HE died so that I may live. I have learned so intimately that in my happiest and darkest moments the HE is there to celebrate or to wipe away the tears. HIS love never falters, never leaves, never questions, never fails. I have known HIS love my whole life, but in my 26th year I came to know it as a living, breathing, life-sustaining force that has the power to bring me to me knees, but instead holds me up when it looks like I may fall. In my 27th year, I wish to see all of you experience HIS love like I have.

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Jamie said...

Thanks Melissa! So glad to found yours, too...I love it! Hope things are well with you as well!