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Monday, March 24, 2008

Holy Week at BC

It has almost been a year now since I came on staff at Buckhead Church, and just realizing that is kind of crazy for me. I spent several years doing outside sales for different companies, and feel confident that I could return to that arena if I had to, but being able to not only enjoy my job, but look forward to going to work, is something incredible and unusual.

This past week was Holy Week and at BC we had services on Good Friday and Easter. Amazingly, our production team hit a new level of excellence. The drama and sorrow of Good Friday was shared through video, Isaiah 53 and Mark 15, a dramatization of Mary's thoughts played over the speakers in complete darkness and the sharing of communion. It was moving, dark and helped to remind you of what that day was...the excruciating, horrible death of our Savior.

The same video kicked off both services on Friday night and Easter. We as staff were given a part of Isaiah 53 to share...here is how it all came together.

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