Sweet Tweets

Friday, February 10, 2006

Things I love...

...getting a phone call right at midnight and hearing Tomi sing Happy Birthday (you stole my heart btw)
...having your grandmommy call you angle pie as if you are 6, not newly 26
...sitting on the couch in a quiet apt and opening up birthday cards
...having such wonderful parents that they each wrote me a letter to let me know how loved I am
...that my Mom included a gift card in her card and my Daddy put my replacement AAA card in his letter
...mucho amount of emails, calls and text messages from my family and friends
...voice mails that tell me that a dear friend in praying specifically for me and my future
...the annual 7:35 a.m. call that my parents make b/c it is the EXACT time of my birth...my younger brother calling to say happy birthday and telling me he loves me
...hilarious facebooks messages and numerous pokes
...having a party with 80 of my closest friends at Martinis and Imax, thanks Liss and Kristen!
...having one more year of experience, getting one year closer to 30 (oh yeah!), looking back at what 25 brought
...the blessed life that my Father God has bestowed upon me!

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