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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dreaming of Nantucket

Hunt and I were blessed last month to be invited by a friend to join them at their rental house in Nantucket for a week.  And we didn't even blink before responding with an enthusiastic YES!

I had never been to Nantucket before and it had been many years since Hunt's only visit.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew that it could only be reached by ferry or plane, that it had a very charming town, several beaches that you accessed with jeeps over the dunes and a very "New England-y" feel.

We came across on a ferry and took our suitcases over the cobblestones to main street.  The first night on the island was a Lobster bake party and was a fitting way to kick off the week.

The rest of the week we walked all over the town, peeped into the little shops, ate exquisite food, enjoyed some very fruity drinks, bounced along in the jeeps to the different beaches, lounged by the gorgeous pool, were attacked by monster mosquitoes while navigating the sand dunes, ate huge dinners of fresh fish and island-grown tomatoes, were spoiled by maid service and a HUGE laundry room (yes, I washed our 9 days of dirty clothes before we left), and generally loved every single moment.


Our lovely home for a week - it was an old barn that was transformed last year

The awesome pool and patio...heavenly!

The pool was the perfect stress reliever....
Our lovely, lovely room
I could spend a lot of time in here very comfortably
The back of the house in the moonlight
Exploring downtown Nantucket:

Downtown Nantucket water meter cover

The famed Murray's Toggery shop on Main street - home of "Nantucket Reds"
Hunt got to relive his high school days driving a jeep - notice the pup?

An American flag Nantucket style

And I got to realize my high school dream - except it wasn't a VW Cabriolet...

Hunt impersonating a whaling captain on our rainy day exploring
The Lilly Pulitzer jeep!

Lobster Eggs Benedict - it was a pure miracle that I was able to grab a picture before it disappeared.

On several days we took the jeeps out to different beaches were you would drive through the dunes to get to the water...and then you drove over the beach to the spot you wanted to lay out your towel.  Pretty convenient if you had a sand pass on your jeep!
The house had jeeps for us to adventure around the island...beautiful open dunes to drive (and jostle) through...

Which way?!? Soft sand...or softer sand?? (Exploring Eel Point)

Ok, path chosen...for now...

Stopping at Millies for a bite at the end of Madaket

Mystery rum drinks at Millie's...one was already getting snatched up!

The veeeery low-key airport...want to watch an episode of Wings, anyone?

Right for arrivals, left for departures...

On another night, on another part of the island...we enjoyed a clear night at the Cisco Brewery, right next to Bartlett's Farm where they grow the most amazing hydrangeas and tomatoes.

The island brewery - Cisco brewers

Trying out the cisco brewery offerings - lovely night with live music!

Why do Katherine and Grant look cute and we look like trouble??

Have I mentioned that Nantucket is FULL of hydrangeas?  There were so many different colors, types and they were amazingly abundant.

Beautiful pink hydrangeas near the pool

The island was bursting with hydrangeas!  So many varieties I'd never even seen!

Love the long afternoon shadows

I loved this kitchen - it was such a treat to cook in!

Eating outside one night with all the crowd.
See who's at the end of this row of flower boxes??

More beautiful flowers on the streets of Nantucket

Our view leaving Nantucket from the back of the ferry...

We hope to be able to go back some day - but our week there was a fantastic treat!

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