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Monday, September 26, 2011

This is Your Life Molly Merkel

I just couldn't resist sharing some of sweet little Molly's pictures...such a wonderful dog with a biiig personality.  Miss her so much.

She came home to us right before Christmas...so tiny

That unfinished treat is only half of a regular treat...she just couldn't manage to eat it all!

Best Christmas gift!

When she was still ok with wearing sweaters...and looking adorable in them.


Playing with chickie...she always showed it who was boss

Playing with Brad

Tug-of-war with Maggie

"I do not like travel kennels Sam I Am."

"I will cuddle with whoever I want to - I see no barriers."

The walk in Chastain Park wore her out completely.

She would sit at my apartment window and watch the wildlife in the forrest.

So cute!

"Yes? You need to make the bed?  You sure?"

"I will support your Tigers...but I will not be happy while wearing this jersey."

"If I try a little harder I might be able to fit this whole doggie bagel in my mouth."

Sneaking Molly into the hotel room - she wanted her own bed.

"No Anne, you should totally play for a double word score on this one."

She loved her Aunt Karen.

Helping me figure out which ornaments to put on the tree

"First, I am not happy about this jersey. 
Second, I will prevent Brad from leaving by sitting on his bag."

"Waddya get Mom?"

"I am humiliated."

Looking regal while striking a pose on Easter.

Making sure the neighborhood was safe...

"I'll get you squirrel. One day, you just wait, I'll get you."

It's completely normal to have a dog take a seat at the table, right?

"Giiiiive me the ice cream...giiive it to meeee."

Brad helping Molly have her first ocean swim...

Which was quickly over.

Good thing Katie was there to help corral the crazy girl running around on the beach!

And then to add insult to injury - getting the sand off her fur.

Nothing a good rub down and cuddle can't fix.

Hanging with Papa and Maggie.

"Daddy, why do you have me up here on the counter?!?"

"I am hugging you because I want to squeeze you to death for putting this vest on me."

"I love Kirsten!"

In a prime position during gift opening.

And then worn out by all the excitement.

"Give me all your Christmas gifts and I'll let you live."

Perfect after Christmas-gift-opening snuggle.

Hanging out with her toy

"Come to me delicious cake...come to me..."

"I can almost taste it!"

"What you lookin' at?"

Christmas fleece toy

"I will cuddle anytime, anywhere, with anyone."

"I do not like that Roomba and I will not look at you to emphasize that."

"He's mine Kaiser.  All mine."

"Wait for me guys!"

I loved watching tv with her like this.

"Just ignore the fuzzy creature at your feet.  Just take me with you."

If you ever noticed Molly was missing...this was a good place to start looking.

"Why would you put a doggie Snuggie on me?  WHY?"

"If I don't look at him, he doesn't exist."

"I'm comfy.  What?  You don't sleep with all your toys?"

"Can't. Get. Comfortable."

"I'm keeping watch over the exhausted bride during the wedding festivities."

"Time to get up.  Pssst.  Time to get up..."

"Gimme my Christmas present new guy!"

"Hello?  You awake yet?  I brought you a breakfast bone."

"Fine, I guess I'll just go back to sleep too."

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janet said...

I didn't know this was on your blog! i love all of the pics. It brings back so-o-o-oo- many memories. Sweet memories, Thanks. Mom