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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Water Is Coming!

It has been raining steadily since Tuesday morning here in Wus-tah.  But this morning was what can only be described as a monsoon.  I saw Hunt out the door and watched as he ducked into his car to get out of the showers.

On his way into the hospital Hunt called me to say that the driveway at the front of our complex was becoming a lake with the water running down the street.  We discussed that it might be smart to move my car at some point in the day since our parking lot is in a valley in our complex.

Not fifteen minutes later I happened to glance out the window to see that what had been a heavy rain was now a flood!  My car was parked at the lowest point and the water was almost up to the running boards.

I ran outside in my galoshes (thank you for the gift that keeps on giving honey!) and as I plowed through the standing water the murky water came over the tops and almost spilled into the floorboards of my CR-V when I yanked the door open.  Thank heaven that my car started and I was able to get it to higher ground.

Next up: my mash-up impression of Paul Revere and Noah.

I ran through all three floors of our building knocking on doors and yelling that the lot was flooding.  I think all of four doors opened.  I eventually gave up on the heavy sleepers and later saw one of my neighbors get completely soaked as he tried to move his civic while the water was above his wheel wells.

This picture doesn't show it well - but the most shocking thing to me is how fast the water gathered and overpowered the drains.  My car was at the lowest point in the furthest corner - and this was at the beginning.  I can only imagine what is happening to the people to the north of us in Vermont who only just got their power back after Irene.

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