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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enjoying a little too much...

Remember that lovely, so lovely, old wives tale of "Fat and Happy?"

It seems they would assert that being slim and in shape does not likely coincide with happiness.

And *sigh* I have proven those old crones know what they are talking about. Ever since I moved up to D.C. from Atlanta last June, I have been happy to be with Hunt. So happy in fact that it is bubbling over. As in, over the top of my jeans and at the seams of my dress pants.

Plus, eating, drinking, and desserting our way through the Hawaiian islands for 10 days may have been the tipping point...

So, I have determined that I will be happily married, enjoy getting to see Hunt every day like I continuously prayed to be able to do, eat delicious dinners together, and yet be in shape and have access to more than 10% of my wardrobe.

In that effort, I have shunned fad diets, fat-blasting pills (those ads are on ALL THE TIME), and will not be embarking on the Master Cleanse. My father says the trick is "push-backs." No, not push-ups. Push-backs. As in: push back from the table.

So I will be aware of what I'm eating, intentionally choosing the wise option and steering clear of
the candy bowl at the office. I've been looking into better choices for lunch - better than the only nearby fast-food establishment: McDonald's. (Going back at my purchasing habits from last summer I realize I may have been eating my emotions/grief over leaving Atlanta and that translated into a LOT of chicken McNuggets.) I have found that the Healthy Choice Steamers are actually super, super good. I can't stand Lean Cuisine. Paltry patties of chicken have no lasting power. But the General Tso's, Sesame, and Orange Spice Chicken are surprisingly good, very filling and have a good nutritional profile. And the chicken is big chunks of white chicken breast. Hard to believe it's a microwave meal actually. The savings also add up - WINNING on multiple fronts is even better.

The simple math of calories in, calories out paired with exercise should take care of it. And the reality of it is that I don't want to become obsessed with this. It sucks ALL the fun out of meals and cooking. I don't want to struggle with this the rest of my life. And I certainly want to be in great shape before we try to start a family. Plan is: do this the old-fashioned way and keep it up. Once I'm at a good point, my body should burn calories more effectively and maintaining is always easier/more fun than losing.

I did find a great little food the other day. When Hunt is on call I love to have only soup for dinner since I don't want to cook an entire meal. But just liquid is a bit of a letdown, even if it is very filling.

A good crunch of oyster crackers or saltines goes a long way in the satisfaction department. Guess what? They now make mini saltines! Less messy than biting into regular saltines and sending crumbs everywhere - and no, my mouth is not big enough to shove an entire cracker in there. More flavorful than oyster crackers and conveniently small and crunchy. And you can have a TON before you break the nutrition bank. Something like 70 calories for two handfuls.

Wish me luck! And tell me of any hints, pieces of advice or good foods that you would recommend. No crazy regimens need apply.

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