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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And the winner is...Massachusetts!

Now that the ink has dried on the contract I feel safe in sharing that Hunt has landed an interventional cardiology spot at University of Massachusetts in Worcester, MA.

Yes, you heard that right. MASSACHUSETTS!

I get a chill down my back just thinking about winter. And, even better, winter 30 miles west of Boston out in the plains.

But, don't get me wrong, it is a BLESSING from the hand of our heavenly Father. Hunt had been applying for positions that started July of 2012 (the medical training years run July to June). UMASS noticed that he is wrapping up his general cardiology fellowship this June. And it just so happens that one of their fellows for 2011 found herself pregnant. Which meant that she needed to defer by a year. So they brought Hunt up on a special trip and soon after offered him a spot a year ahead of what we were expecting.

So, we are moving to Worcester the last week in June.

That means:
  1. Hunt gets to be an interventional cardiologist - Praise The Lord!
  2. You pronounce that: WOOSTAH or WUSS-TAAH
  3. I need to find a new job in the Worcester area.
  4. I will be packing up our things...yet again...after having packed and moved a total of 4 times in 2010.
  5. We don't know a single soul in Worcester...though we thankfully know a few in Boston.
  6. We do know that there is a Target, Wegmans and Trader Joe's in the Worcester area. We will survive.
  7. We both got heavy-duty cold-weather gear at Christmas. Maybe we should have foreseen that this was in store rather than Florida or Louisiana...
  8. I will be needing to get my hands on some real-deal thermal underwear.
  9. Did I mention yet that I have to find a job? In this economy. My job search to move to D.C. in 2010 about did me in. It is a very real possibility that I will be waiting tables to get us through.
  10. Rent is cheaper in Worcester than it is in D.C.! Hallelujah!!!
  11. I fear my southern accent will make me a target for the locals. I am sharpening up on my sarcasm skills.
I will soon be reporting from (30 miles west of) Beantown!

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