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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Discovering D.C. - Moving Day!

One of life's greatest joy is moving the content of your home from one place to another. Doesn't everyone rejoice at the thought of packing up everything in a tedium of hours upon hours and then shlepping them up and down multiple flights of stairs and then unpacking them all again?

DC is and interesting town when it comes to moving - especially in the narrow and crowded streets of Georgetown. We are moving Hunt from the heart of Georgetown in his current apartment on the 3rd floor in a historic building to an apartment that (thankfully!) has an elevator and loading dock. I will eventually also be doing the move, but that will happen after October 16th.

Hunt really "moves" me. I know, I know. I couldn't resist.

Old buildings usually have narrow stairways and doors along with a lack of central A/C. Along with inducing heat stroke, this gets interesting with the larger items - we couldn't get Hunt's couch through the door of this current apartment so it's been living in a storage closet in Alexandria for two years. Which involved Hunt and I dead-lifting that leather beauty, complete with hide-away recliners, above our heads, flipping it to make it through that door and wedging it in there. I can't wait to free it from captivity and put it back to good use for college football watching!

This was me two years ago...laying down on the job after Hunt and I wrangled it off the truck and into it's cubby hole.

These moments bring to mind another classic moving moment - the "PIVOT!" from Friends:

Oh! Happy Day! Happy Day!

Please pray.

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Kristie said...

I've made the same pivot reference when I moved. Well, actually every time I've moved. Glad to hear you are getting all unpacked in DC!! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!