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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wedding Disconnect: Simplifying Your Life

While managing one of the biggest projects of my life, I've been learning the ins and outs of how to simplify processes and take advantage of wedding deals. One of those ins and outs? The fact that the option that is supposed to make your life easier is not necessarily going to turn out that way.

When it came to ordering our wedding invitations I went with Paper Affair in Atlanta since they offer 20% off of your total order during the month of July! And since everything seems to have a hidden up charge of 30% when you mention the word "wedding," I jumped on the discount. And the plus of ordering from DC meant that I got "drop shipping" which resulted in no sales tax and delivery straight to my door!

Few things concerning this whole planning process have been delivered into my hands, cutting out one more thing to do, so this sounded awesome to me.

On the day that I received our invites one of the worst thunderstorms of the summer rumbled across northern Virginia and DC. The wind speeds reached up to 75 miles per hour - similar in strength to a tornado, except that the winds moved in a sheering motion, toppling trees and power lines and creating a complete white out at times. The highways were shut down and it took commuters hours to get home from the city.

And this was what I came home to find...

This resulted in screams from me that I'm guessing only dogs could hear - and me frantically ripping into the box and pulling out each box of invites, envelopes and response sets. Other than a few damp inner boxes, no damage was done. Though I think it shaved a day or two off of my life to realize that the little stacks of paper, which I had spent a healthy amount of money on, might have sat at my doorstep slowly turning back into pulp.

And considering that the invites that were sent weren't actually correct, I've since evaluated completely simplifying and sending out an Evite at this point. It would make my grandmother pass out in horror, but at least it couldn't be ruined by the forces of nature!

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