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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Engagement Story

It's funny how something that you've thought about and anticipated can happen and then it all becomes a blur because you are so excited and overwhelmed! That was definitely my experience with getting engaged to Hunt.

Two months ago today, my roommate Kelly threw a 30th birthday dinner for me down at Mary Mac's tea room and while the thought of celebrating an engagement with friends and family sounded fun to me, I didn't actually expect us to get engaged that weekend.

As a result, when Hunt arrived to pick me up and take me to dinner, I had no idea what was going on when he paused on the front porch to hug me and tell me he loved me. I thought we had to get a move on to make it in time for dinner! It wasn't until he pulled a ring box out of his jacket pocket and went down on one knee that I realized what was happening. He asked me to marry him and after several moments of tears and shock I said YES! (pictures are reenactments)

Then for some reason I completely bypassed the beautiful ring being held out in front of me and got down on my knees so that I could hug him. He let me get away with that for a few moments and then gently reminded me that this was the part where I was supposed to be standing and putting the ring on my finger. Oh. Ok!

I think I floated down our front steps and somehow made it into the passenger seat of his car. I'm not sure I was forming complete sentences, but I do remember staring at Hunt and bursting out with "we're engaged!" "we're going to get married!" and "I love the ring, it's so beautiful!" All at concert-level volume I'm sure.

Hunt continued to surprise me by taking me to the restaurant where we had our first date, Atmosphere. We went inside and Hunt let the bartender know that he had just proposed and that we needed two glasses of champagne. We toasted to me "winning the Mrs. Anderson pageant" and had a few precious moments alone together. It was so weird to my ears to hear Hunt say "we just got engaged" when ordering the champagne. It all felt very surreal.

We then headed down to Mary Mac's and the waiting birthday party crowd which included my parents, aunt Karen, Hunt's parents, and many mutual and dear friends. I kept my left hand in my coat pocket until I could navigate through the crowd to stand in front of my mom. I hugged her and she asked how my night was going - it was at that point that I held my hand in front of her and told I was having a wonderful night.
It took Hunt's mom, Christy, pointing out my ring finger to my mom for her to register that I was showing her my engagement ring! She was shocked, surprised and happy. Everything after that becomes a blur...my long-time friend Tammy came over, realized our big news and announced it to everyone else by jumping up and down and screaming. I've got to tell you, that is an effective way to let 30 people that something big has occurred.

Tammy insisted that I still wear a flashing "I'm 30!" birthday pin and old-lady slippers in honor of my birthday, but did allow me to take them off eventually since it had turned into a engagement party. I've been warned that there will be no exceptions when it comes to turning 40. Since I'm the one that ended up going home with those slippers, we'll just have to see about that Tammy.

I am so happy that Hunt waited for such a fun night - it was perfect to celebrate with family and friends immediately after. We made several phone calls that night and the next few days - but it was lovely to stay in the moment and celebrate with some of the people that we love the most.

Because Tammy (now officially my Matron of Honor) is so on top of everything, she videotaped portions of that night. It was after the initial announcement, but the video starts right after we've told everyone that we got engaged. I'm so thankful that she thought to bring it with her, it captured many precious memories that I'm so happy to be able to re-live. Enjoy!

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Shannon said...

Aww, so glad you posted the details and SO glad that Tammy had her video camera!! I loved watching the clip and seeing the joy on your faces! :)

Julie Tiemann said...

So happy for you! Love those happy tears!!!