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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Engagement Photos

Our photographers for our wedding are the fantastic Dan and Anne Almasy. They have captured several of my friend's weddings and I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted them to be our photographers when the time came.

Anne and I have become breakfast buddies since we often have Friday mornings off - and I have so enjoyed getting to know her while discovering some of the best breakfast nooks in Atlanta.

Anne and Dan have such a great eye for catching sweet moments - and we are so glad that they are our wedding photographers.

Two weeks ago, Hunt and I met them at the restaurant where we had our first date to grab a few photos before moving on to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It's a good thing that we planned on using the Orchid House at the gardens since the skies opened up while we were at Atmosphere (just like it happened on our first date).

Be forewarned: there is some smooching going on...

4 Remarks:

Shannon said...

Melissa, your photos are GORGEOUS!!!

p.s.- Just bought our plane tickets! :)

Julie Tiemann said...

Those pics are AMAZING. Seriously. At the risk of pulling an Andy Stanley, have you ever done any modeling? ;)

Melissa Merkel said...

Shay - yay!! I'm getting details of the hotel blocks together soon!

Julie - thank you! You are too generous. p.s. my Dad tried that line on my Mom the same afternoon. ;)

Amber and Bo said...

Hey there. I LOVE the pictures. They are so much fun!!!