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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Exactly WHY are you voting for Obama?

Not from a source you would expect me to provide, but maybe it's even better that it's originating from the Howard Stern show than Sean Hannity.

A "man on the street" for the radio show went up to Harlem and most people shared that they were planning on voting for Obama. The great thing is that the interviewer replaced Obama's stances with McCain's and those being interviewed said that they were on board with him for those very reasons.

Take a listen.

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Sandy Broome said...

Melissa, I so appreciate you bringing these things to the attention of your blog readers.

As I commented to Rachel Springs recently in response to one of her blog postings, it continues to amaze me that so many who support Obama's candidacy know so little about his disturbing alliances with ACORN, William Ayers, Saul Alinksy, and on and on...

I honestly do not think that the average person recognizes the potential disastrous effects that an Obama presidency will have on our nation's future. The empty rhetoric about change is just that, empty--at least as it relates to "positive" change.

There WILL be change if B. Hussein Obama is our next president, but unfortunately, it will not be of a positive nature.

He cannot promise the things that he is promising in terms of health care, tax reform, etc., (all campaign ploys to win the votes of an uninformed electorate) without completely decimating small business and destroying the MIDDLE class. Yes, MIDDLE class! His wide-spread appeal among this demographic defies logic and reason, and is indicative of delusion of Biblical proportions.

He is the most liberal candidate to ever vie for the highest office in our land. He is weak on national defense (this is a documented fact based upon his recorded statements) and his documented leanings and views are socialist, if not Marxist.

I hope your blog readers don't think for a skinny-minute that he won't redistribute anything they acquire by the sweat of their brows. That is his full intention if you carefully read the fine print of his platform.

Further, he is a JUNIOR senator who has done NOTHING significant while in office and he has no idea what it's like to hold down a real job that is NOT FUNDED BY GOVERNMENT hand-outs, grants, or subsidies.

Can you tell I'm ever-so-slightly passionate about my concern for our country if this man is elected?

Initially, I was not thrilled when John McCain became the Republican party's nominee. Now, I'm fervently hopeful that he will be elected and that we will be spared the devastation of an Obama presidency.

Keep spreading the word and telling the truth!