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Monday, October 13, 2008

On top of the world!

It finally happened. My 10 year high school reunion rolled around.
(cue scary music here)

The reunion committee asked us to turn in pictures of our life since graduation. Hmmm. What to send?

Most people have the easy way out with sending a wedding photo, a picture of them and a newborn (hopefully theirs) or something along those lines. I could send in a photo of me in Europe, but that's just a trip I took, not a life-defining summary picture. Or maybe one with me and my family, but that hasn't changed much since I graduated (something that I count as a very good thing).

Then it occurred to me. One of my biggest life-defining moments was leaving corporate America and going on full time staff with Buckhead Church. So, how to encapsulate that? Especially since not one single person I graduated with (this is my 2nd high school, outside of Philadelphia) lives in Atlanta and would have heard of the church I work for, or the larger campus, North Point.

We have a large sign on top of our building - on our roof. After asking pretty please, a friend at work (that has access to the roof) let me up to take a picture with the sign. But, we couldn't quite get the angle right, so we had to move to a better vantage point. Problem was, this required climbing up a small ladder to a parapet, shuffling along a 4-inch beam, and leaning over the edge of the sign. I was always safe, never in danger of falling more than 8 feet (as opposed to a couple hundred), but as some point, I asked myself "do I really care this much about sending a great photo for my high school reunion?" And the answer came back as "yes" since I continued to balance, smile and hope it was turning out awesomely.

The kicker is, I never actually got around to sending it in. The pictures turned out great, but that 18 year old in me didn't have the nerve to send it in.

So, here for the first time for public consumption, is the life-encapsulating photo.

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Anonymous said...

I read the title and the first couple of words and I thought this would be a post about Tommy Bowden. :-)

Melissa Merkel said...

Ha! That would be appropriate...