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Thursday, August 21, 2008


For the roof over my head
the meals I know I will be able to eat today
the bed that I will lay down in tonight
the car that I get to drive
the clothes stacked in my closet
the education I posses
the job that I am privileged to work at.

Yesterday I listened to staff from Buckhead Christian Ministries (BCM) share about families in crisis that are working hard to make it day to day. Stories of the man showing up to wait tables at a local fine dining establishment up the road and having to find a place for his wife and 4 children to sleep every night since they were homeless.

This is not what I thought of as homeless.

This is not sitting on a step begging for change and spending it on cheap liquor.

This made me thankful for the very things that I have the bad habit of forgetting that they are blessings in the first place.

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Danielle said...

Melissa the Baptist, I see you are using FoxyTunes. Excellent choice.