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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi, my name is Gustav

and I may just ruin your Labor Day plans....

One half of my job is baptisms here at Buckhead Church. That involves walking with people through the process of applying for baptism, talking through their decision, their hesitance, their tightly-held beliefs that have been handed down through their parents, discussing the finer points of why we don't christen infants, helping them shape what they are going to say to keep it within 2 minutes, calming them on the day of filming, producing their video, and ultimately guiding them to the pool behind the scenes on a Sunday morning.

One major departure from this is baptisms down at the annual Labor Day Retreat. This is where 800-900 singles from Atlanta descend on Sandestin for four days. Getting baptized at the retreat is a popular option for various reasons. Most that participate are from BC, which has the highest ratio of singles out of all three of our campuses. So, I have been guiding 35 or so people (as opposed to 6 for a normal Sunday) through the baptism process and preparing them for getting dunked in the ocean.

I'm thinking that Gustav is going to make the whole getting in the ocean thing pretty interesting.

If I come knocking on your door at 6 AM one morning of the retreat telling you it's now or never do not be surprised.

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