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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Medical Blogger

A blog that I was referred to, and that I have come to enjoy reading very much, is 6 Year Med.

Danielle is in her first year of residency as an intern and has been blogging since med school. She has a knack for telling stories, and pairing that with a rich environment for interesting stories makes her blog one that I return to over and over. I've put a link to the right more for my own laziness, but I would highly recommend reading for a dose (pun definitely intended) of funny, touching and amazing stories told from the perspective of a Christian physician pursuing becoming a pediatrician.

I'm learning how fascinating the world of medicine is, and I'm not talking about the study of it. The systems, the personalities and the fact that the Match is like sorority Rush on steroids supplies great material.

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Danielle said...

sorority rush on steroids. ha ha ha I might have to use that!