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Friday, September 05, 2008

It's a dog's life...

Well, last week I did my community service announcement and introduced you to 6 year med.

Now I have something even better for you to discover.

My brother Brad and his wife Anne were married July 12th this summer. They became parents in early August.

No, this wasn't that kind of wedding, or that kind of child. They added Kaiser to their little family and he is one cute little guy.

He is a miniature Schnauzer. And now he is the subject of a blog. GoSchnauzer will be highlighting their adventures in parenting a puppy and about raising schnauzers in general.

So, go visit, and periodically check out the link I'm posting to the right.

Congrats Brad and Anne on your new addition!

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Katy said...

We have a schnauzer, Ally, with floppy ears! That pictures looks so much like her. Mainly because I don't groom her as much as I should. :) She was a crazy puppy, but has turned into quite the loyal house dog, and actually acts a lot like a cat, like sleeping under the couch all day long and laying on her back to play with toys. They're funny dogs!!!