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Monday, May 19, 2008

Deadly Viper Character Assasins

One of the perks of working with a certified blog star is being introduced to many other interesting and thought-provoking blogs. So, Carlos posted this blog via Twitter (questions about twittering are another conversation for another time).

This blog is definitely tackling hard stuff in the Christian life. Stuff that we don't want to talk about in mixed company, on Sunday mornings or at the family dinner table. But it's stuff that, as Christians, we are confronted with because we live in a broken world. So, while I may never blog about what they are blogging about, I'm glad someone is.

Here is their description of what they are about:
Deadly Viper is an initiative dedicated to beginning a strategic conversation on the issues of radical integrity and radical grace. Our focus is to develop leaders who will have intentional, transparent, and honest conversations about key character issues.

Deadly Viper is a movement designed to help leaders finish strong and live a life with no regrets.

Not your typical stuff...I actually wondered what in the world this blog was about when I initially linked there. But, if we are serious about living in the world, and not of the world, this is a good perspective to add to the arsenal.

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Jerry said...

I saw that this morning as well and was blown away. I was actually late for work because I couldn't stop reading it. They're really not afraid to tackle anything and I love that.