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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The airport run

One of my favorite things to do is the airport run. I'm not sure really when it started, but it is something that is a highlight in my day when the need arises. Maybe it was watching the opening scenes of the movie Love Actually. All the happy reunions, children running to their Daddies, couples kissing and hugging, grandparents hugging their grandchildren.

I really love the picking up. Friends, family, boyfriends that have been away a few days or a few months. Seeing them top the escalator in the Atlanta airport, scan the crowd for your familiar face, a flash of recognition and then the beeline for you, usually followed by a tight hug.

The drop-off isn't as fun. But it gives that last little drop of time together, one last conversation and an extra hug while the traffic is honking at you and the Atlanta PD is yelling at you to move on. It's selfish of me, but I want those last minutes, and if hurtling down I-85 in rush hour traffic accomplishes it, then I'm willing to brave the HOV lane if you are.

Cool thing online - want to know where the plane of your pick-up/drop-off is? Check out this site: http://flightaware.com

Happy flying!

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