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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home Again

This Christmas was markedly different than in years past. I’m sure my brother would say most specifically that the main factor was the fact that he was actually sleeping in a bed this year and not a couch or blow up mattress. This is a direct result of Mom and Dad finally being back in Atlanta. No more traveling up to the cold northeast for the holidays, no more doubling up in beds of generous family friends, no more forgoing family traditions for the unfamiliar.

It’s not that we haven’t enjoyed these past 3 years, they have certainly created memories of their own. One of all 4 of us crowding into my 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 700 sq ft apartment for several days and nights with Brad sleeping on a slowly deflating air mattress, the dog wedged in between me and Mom in a queen bed and Dad banished to the couch in the living room as a result of his wall-shaking snoring that was a by-product of his radiation treatments. That said, it was great to have one more Christmas with the four of us, with Dad hauling out the video camera and capturing us slowing appearing from upstairs towards the beckoning presents,
Mom making our traditional breakfast and then falling asleep among the discarded paper and boxes near the fire.

Next year will be a whole new tradition since Brad and Anne will be married...I'm sure the memories will only get better.

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