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Friday, April 14, 2006

Going for blood...

No, haven't taken up hunting and can't imagine that I ever will, instead, I'm referring to the annual Easter Egg Hunt. No laughing people. This is serious.

I don't care that we are old enough to own homes, contribute to 401K's or get married, year after year the adult children in our group add a pair of tennis shoes to our best Sunday gear, try to sneak a look at where those precious plastic pellets are being placed and then shoot out the door into the yard, throwing elbows and pushing like the women at Filene's annual "Running of the Brides" event.

You see, it isn't the candy that we are diving into the woodpile for, it is the money. Oh, yes, there's money in them there hills. That is, the hills in east Cobb behind the Rosebrough's house. Some are better than others in sniffing out the green. Specifically, sweet little Leslie. She can figure out where the cash is hidden better than a police-trained drug-sniffing German Shepard at Hartsfield airport. The girl has a hidden talent. She really should give up teaching and forming young minds, and relocate to the beach with a metal-detector.

As I get my game face on, all I can say is, bring on the eggs.

*********Matt's little brother, Mark, won with 21 eggs, I got the green, $25, and there was plenty of pushing, name-calling and stealing....perfect Easter afternoon!**************

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eZm said...

hmmm... it seems to me that you would have fit in with my class perfectly today. We hid easily 300 eggs in my little classroom. Check out my kindergarten website for pictures!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You could not have described my feelings better. Nothing better than "young adults" running around for money. Even if I was a loser, I still had fun watching you sweet southern girls in Easter dresses, laced up in those nike's shoving and pushing just for the love of money.


AllisonGail said...

I just love your writing style here. Bold and witty and nothing but the truth...awesome! I hope you had a BLAST!

eZm said...

SOO, who won, who won??