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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Do you have those days when you feel like God is throwing hilarious events your way to give you a laugh?

The other day I was in Kroger and while I was there:

I was checked out by crazy Indian lady whose wig was moving out of synch with her head as she bobbed and weaved telling me the latest in her life...and the makeup was as outlandish as ever...if you shop regularly at this Kroger you know exactly who I am talking about. She recognizes me everytime I shop and has this endearing habit of handing me my receipt between her clasped hands like she is in prayer and saying "blessings."

As I turned to grab my bags they were handed to me by a rather tall, large, muscular man wearing a beautiful shoulder-length page-boy bob hair style and singing in a lilting feminine voice about how beautiful a day it was and how happy he was to be bagging my groceries...

Lastly, I noticed a blonde woman pull up in huge Lexus SUV while I was filling up my car at the Kroger gas station. I didn't think another thing about her until I happened to glance over while she was crawling into the back driver's side to grab something and was right in time to see the business end of some very old school, thin, hot pink spandex shorts and "she" was definitely a he.

It does not get better than this in my world.

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Haben einen Partie? said...

You have a wicked sense of humor if that last part would be considered a "hilarious event" :/