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Friday, November 18, 2005

Prayer Request

As many of you know, my parents sold their home in Woodstock and are moving up to Philadelphia. My father is already up there working and going through cancer treatment, so it was up to me and Mom to pack up the house this week (with a lot of help from Miss Robin Rosebrough) and load up a car and get up to Philly after they closed. Well the buyers have already pushed the closing back a week until today, and now, they are saying that they don't have their papers ready and that the husband is going out of town on Sunday, so they want to push the close back till Tues or Wed of next week - well this is big trouble since we want to get up to my Dad as quickly as possible to take care of him while he enters his 6th week of treatment and we want to avoid horrible Thanksgiving traffic. If they don't close till Wed, we are going to hit the road at the worst possible time and probably have to travel through the night to get there in time for turkey day. Please pray that this will work out, that the buyers don't back out, that we can get up to my Dad soon, and that my parent's stress level doesn't get out of control.

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