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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Love letter to a small group

Lately I have a lot of time for meeting friends over a meal, and as I idiotically recently shared with someone that "I am a big fan of food," this is even better when catching up and reconnecting with the people I have not done that with in a while.

Thank you so much to Court for fixing my deficiency of never having been to Chow Baby! Too cool - put everything you want in a bowl with your little paddle (which I almost lost since I had the brilliant idea of putting it in my back pocket like I was too cool for school) and then it arrives steaming at your table. It does present the challenge of choosing the right EVERYTHING to go together, but this is a fun choice. It did bring back memories of dining halls with frat brothers mixing anything together and making the pledges eat it, but with a good outcome instead! :)

Have I told my small group how grateful I am for them lately? How much I enjoy "doing life" with them? From our first meeting at Grouplink, where I went out of faith that God would put awesome single women in my life (all of my friends from college were already married)...and there I was sitting in the parking lot, scared of the unknown, sad that I was no longer in Campus Crusade with all of my friends at Clemson, on the phone with both of my parents as they prayed that things would go well and that His will be done and that I would meet some "nice" girls. I looked up, and there was Court getting out of her car, and as I got out she said hey, we talked and little did she know that I was planning on acting like human velcro with this sweet girl who was acting like an old friend. I am so immensly blessed by each of these 7 women, they have challenged me, prayed with me, encouraged me, dropped our discussion one Monday night to pray over me in turn for a huge decision that I had to make, cried and laughed with me, and generally made me fall in love with each of them, even though we are so radically different. Know that I pray for you, that I think of you daily, and that I am forever grateful for the Rock that you each individually, and as a group, represent in my life.

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