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Monday, November 21, 2005

Email from Dad

Just got this email from Dad today - thought it might be an effective way to keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers.

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick update on my radiation treatments. I've just completed five weeks with two more to go. I had expected to be down on my hands and knees by now begging for mercy, but Janet introduced me to a more effective level of pain management. I had tried Percoset in the past, but it did not agree with me. But Vicodin is another story. No side effects and extremely effective; I'm actually eating better now than I was in weeks 3 & 4, despite having had a second chemo treatment this past Monday. I'm using the pills sparingly since I assume they can be addictive, but for now they're providing the pain relief that I need.
The Lord has been very good to me through all this. My energy level is very high and I continue to work a good deal of the time. Now that I'm within two weeks of completing the treatments, I'm feeling very optimistic and my physical workouts are back at the level I was at before all this started. It's been quite a roller coaster ride. Two more chemo treatments and nine more radiation treatments, then it's over, hopefully for good. Take care and thanks for all of your prayers.

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