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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Little Things

You hear all the time that it's the "little things" and that seems so cliche and obvious, but I get reminded of it all the time. You never realize how special you can make someone feel with granting them a small gift of service, quality time, physical affection, a word of affirmation (for those of you that recognize this, yes, I have read the five love languages book!). My neighbor randomly came over with treats in her hand to give to Miss Molly, and took her for a walk! Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but, I was on the phone, trying to get ready to go out to dinner and head out the door. This was a GIFT, and perfect timing was tied up like a bow. Not only did she take the little hellion out for a walk, but she scooped the poo! Now that is a gift of service! Plus, now Molly has a real reason to act like I don't give her enough lovin' and that she not so secretly wishes that Kirsten (the neighbor) was her mommy.
Funny how small things can make you smile for days, and make you feel cherished - like this past Sunday sitting in the church pew with my parents (not at Buckhead obviously) and having my sweet Daddy put his arm over both my Mom and my shoulders. It was so good to rest my head on his shoulder and to see how much he loved having his "girls" there and together since we've been apart because of distance and his treatment regimine.

So that is all, just feeling loved all over by friends and family being faithful to show it in the small gifts that they give daily. God is good...all the time!

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