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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where the Toys Come From

I am constantly picking up and putting away Chloe's toys - she loves to play with multiple at one time.  It is very common for me to catch her laying on top of one toy while furiously chewing on another.  And usually making little excited growling noises while she's doing so.  (Though nothing beats the snorts and snuffles she makes through her little nose while she is burrowing down deep into her fluffy bed.)

Today I glanced down and saw the pile of toys that Chloe had left at my feet – she had temporarily put herself down for a nap in her crate – and recognized a new addition to her playthings.  One of Hunt's nice socks seems to have made the cut of interesting items to chew and roll around on.

She's an equal opportunity offender - she has, countless times, managed to drag my heavy lug-sole Ugg slipper from the bedroom into the living room all the way into her bed so she can snuggle with it...err...tear it to bits.

You may have noticed her little striped monkey.  That came with her all way from Oklahoma and it's still one of her favorites.  I think it must still smell just a little of momma and her first home.

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