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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get Out the Vote!

No, this "vote" is not quite as important as the Presidential election that will happen in just under a year from now, but it does impact our little family!  Our apartment company is holding a contest on Facebook that has the following prizes:


  • Photo with most votes wins $200 grocery store gift card to buy your Thanksgiving dinner! 
  • Photo with 2nd most votes wins $150 VISA gift card to use on your Black Friday Shopping! 
  • Photo with 3rd most votes wins $100 Amazon.com gift card to use for Cyber Monday shopping!
The contest is to share what you are thankful for by uploading a picture of it and writing a caption.  We aren't THAT far behind #1 if we can get many of our friends to vote for us every 24 hours.  So, please vote for us!

Princeton Place Thanksgiving Contest

Here are all the entries...remember, only vote for ours!  ;)

"I'm thankful for a husband that really moves me...
and that we don't have to pack and load boxes anytime soon!"

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