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Thursday, October 27, 2011

And She Will Be Known As...

Well I guess since I got her name engraved on an ID tag it's official...the puppy otherwise known as Fur Face is going to be called Chloe.  Thank you to everyone for participating in the puppy's name poll!

We considered all of the different options and received some great suggestions such as Oakley since she was born in Oklahoma or Logan for the airport she arrived in.  And we were very tempted to call her Dixie since that just fit our southern sensibilities so well.

But, since she wasn't responding to Shaniqua or Chewey when Hunt tried them out, we decided that she was, after all, a Chloe.  She's a spunky little girly puppy and it just seem to fit her.  Plus, she will come when we use it....

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