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Monday, August 02, 2010

The Wedding Disconnect: Showers of Attention

Having never been a bride before, but having hosted many bridal showers, it's a switch to be the one that is the center of all the hoopla.

And you know what?

Turns out I love it.

I love gathering with girlfriends and family and going on and on about our wedding details.

I love eating miniature versions of food.

I love dressing up and being super-girlie.

I love shopping for the perfect gifts to give my hostesses.

And I always love a party with a theme.

The funny thing is, many of my girlfriends have been uncomfortable by all the attention, especially when they are opening up their registry gifts.

Me? Turns out that I sound like a bad imitation of Oprah when opening up my first ever piece of Calphalon cookware.

Yes, I realize that we picked out all of our gifts with the aid of a nifty scanner and there's probably not many surprises to be had at these moments. BUT, I love to cook, nest, clean, bake, decorate, play hostess, and I've always known that I would register for china and crystal since I was a little girl.

When I rip the paper off and see that Hunt and I received the Calphalon Wok that we carefully picked out at Williams-Sonoma, it seems very natural to me that I shout with glee, "iiiiiiiit's Caaaaaaalphaaaaloooooooon!" Except it's not an episode of Oprah's favorite things and maybe, just maybe, it's not normal to shout at your own shower.

I may have teared up when I realized that we now had our first pieces of china, crystal and silver that Hunt and I will use in our home when we host family dinners, birthday celebrations and Christmas Eves.

And the moment that I realized that I have been gifted with a Cuisinart Food Processor, I may have let it go to my head that I am now the owner of such a wondrous cooking tool and lifted it up in the air in sheer jubilation, much like a Super Bowl victor holding their trophy up high.

Maybe it would be more appropriate if I had a measure of modesty and seemed slightly uncomfortable at being watched while I opened gifts.


Nope. It's just too much darn fun.

Mom and me with one of the fabulous hostesses, Susanne, at my Buckhead Church shower.

At the Mother & Daughters Shower with my mom, my aunts and cousins. So special!

4 Remarks:

Shannon said...

I love this post... it's so YOU! :) But I have to be honest, I'm a little teary eyed right now as I realize that I'm too far away to attend your showers and I'll miss all of those "Melissa" moments! :(
But I'm just so, so happy for you and excited about your wedding and I can't wait to see you in white!!! Can I give you your wedding gift at your rehearsal dinner so you can open it in front of me and say, "it's a graaaavvvvvy booooooooooaaaattttt!"??

Melissa Merkel said...


You are one of my most tender-hearted friends, and I CHERISH you for that! Yes, I promise to do whatever you wish, and remember, we will definitely have the bridesmaid's luncheon together, there will be plenty of way-to-girlie moments to come!

love you!

Lindsay Adams said...

I love this post too! I think it's safe to say we all thought you would adore the whole wedding process! It's so fun to hear your excitement and see pictures from your showers. Shay-nay-nay, if on Melissa's wedding day I don't hear you say, "Oh Lindsay, isn't she just breath taking?" I'm going to be very disappointed ! :)

Love you girls!

Melissa Merkel said...

Yes, I think I will also be disappointed if I don't hear that considering I've been getting grief for saying that for over 8 years now! ;)

I LOVE you girls - and yes, I don't think it's surprising that I would embrace the whole "being a bride" thing. I planning on it only happening once. :)

Can't wait to see you in just a couple months from now!!!