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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Smell of Barbecue and Bourbon

I love college football. And I've grown to love it even more since graduating from college. And, it turns out, more likely to last through an entire game and watch it till the end. (For some reason, be it sitting on the sorority block in sundresses and pearls in 90+ degree heat or having tailgated at the Pi Kappa Phi house before the game, it was rare for me to watch the game until the last snap.)

I love the tradition of Clemson University football, the fans all dressed in orange, the smells of pulled pork barbecue and Jim Beam, the sound of the Tiger Band playing the "Tiger Rag," when we beat our ACC rivals, and I especially love the most exciting 25-seconds in college football when the players run down the hill into Death Valley.

Well, it seems like I'm not the only one that can appreciate the pageantry of Clemson on a game day - we've been ranked number 8 in the nation for the top 25 tailgates according to Bleacher Report.

I would dispute that we should be ranked higher purely based on the fact that Clemson becomes the largest city in the state on game days. Or that the RV's start showing up for a Saturday game on Tuesday. Or the fact that our shade of orange makes Tennessee's look like something from a baby's diaper....

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