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Monday, August 09, 2010


To the woman that suffered through 30+ hours of labor during a massive snow storm to bring me into this world...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you for the years that you stayed home with Brad and me. For sitting on the steps after school and asking me what I had learned that day. For going through my backpack and exclaiming with great excitement over the projects that I brought home with me from Mrs. Valentine's class. For taking me to the library and introducing me to the "Little House" books - and instilling in me the love of reading. For braiding my hair and indulging in my melodramatic, and extremely feminine, little girl tendencies. For taking me to Sunday school. For listening to me, driving me to endless swim and volleyball practices, being an audience to my choral performances and cheering on my musical and theatrical efforts.

For all the times that you helped me pack and move my growing collection of belongings as an adult (who should really be paying professional movers for the labor you are providing). For being willing to drop everything to drive down the highway to spend the day with me - and to be my patient caretaker after surgery. For wanting the best for me and celebrating my getting married. For letting me choose how many bridesmaids that I have - no matter that you think it's tacky to have eight! For putting on a brave face and supporting my move to D.C., even though that meant I was moving away from you.

For all the ways that you love me and our family so well and will be an amazing grandmother to the children we hope one day to be blessed with, I love you Mom.

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Janet said...

You're making me get teary! You make it easy because you are such a blessing. I love you. Mom