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Monday, October 26, 2009

Saying Yes

I've heard about people having a hard time saying "no."

I don't have that problem.

In fact, I probably say "no" too much. It's not that I'm a negative person (at least, I don't think so), but, rather that I don't have a problem with boundaries when it comes to how I spend my time. Now, I don't have other people that are dependent upon me. If I was married with children, I know, without a doubt, that my time would not be my own. (I realize that there are pluses to being single.)

It's just that I'm energized by quiet and solitude, and while I love and enjoy groups and social events (the girly-girl in me relishes an excuse to dress up!), they drain me. And my job deals with talking most of the day with people about their faith and that can get pretty personal and, as a result, intense. So, there are few things that I love better than cooking dinner at home, getting comfy and settling in for some quality time that doesn't involve a lot of highly-charged conversation.

But, I said "yes" this weekend and ended up with an odd, but fun, assortment of moments. It might have been in the middle of attempting to belly dance at a Puma birthday party (at 30 she thinks she is too old to be a Cougar...) that I realized I was glad that I dragged myself out and said yes to eating Lebanese food and celebrating a friend. This friend has also come to several of the events that I've hosted, and I'm a believer in showing up for the people that show up for you.

Friday, it was Mexican and margaritas with Mom and Dad. Saturday was Nicola's restaurant with lessons in belly dancing for Holly's birthday. Sunday was being told that yes, I was going to Treehouse to spend time with friends that wanted to catch up with me. And since I was swaddled in sweats at the time, they graciously allowed me to change into jeans before I was expected to participate. And, even though I had plenty of things waiting on me to take care of, it was great to chat on the deck under a heater on a crisp fall night. Maybe I didn't choose to say "yes" to the last one, more like I was forced to really, but I'm glad regardless.

There is a lot of value in not being a afraid to say "no." But it can be a lot of fun to say "yes" every now and then...especially when it includes belly dancing.

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