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Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Dream Deferred

Or rather a dream that I let die, then buried under 10 feet of concrete and walked away whistling without a single pang of guilt.

What was that? Oh, just a little thing of running a half-marathon this year.

You see, I've never been a runner. Or even much of an regular partaker of exercise. So, it turns out that Mom was right when she asked me why I wasn't starting with a little 5K or something like that when I began running. I scoffed at her. Asked her to be supportive (which she was...just through a realistic filter) and then kept going headlong into becoming a long-distance runner.

Turns out that I didn't enjoy running so much after 3 miles or so. I began to dread it. So I fell behind my training schedule. I started to think I needed to scale back which race I was going to run. I actually gain some satisfaction after running a few miles. Turn that into 5 and I'm not so chipper.

So the goal (or pipedream as it may have been) has been changed. My sights are now on a 5K happening this December in Atlanta. So wish me luck as I run the 2008 Virginia Highland Christmas 5K

Yes, I have received some good-natured teasing from those who have previously run marathons and the such, but I am very comfortable with this plan. And comfortable with the fact that I went from being a complete non-runner, to one that will be complete a race within the first few months of taking up running.

I will be happy with that dream being buried and another one taking it's place. What's next? Maybe...a 10K. Let's be realistic people.

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