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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Molly and the Roomba

Have you ever used a Roomba?

This line of automatic vacuum cleaners was first introduced to me at Hunt's apartment. And he was pretty cool. Roomba that is. (Hunt is too, but we're sticking to the robot in this post.) I know that we were personifying a machine, but he did become a funny part of the day when we could hear him talking through a variety of beeps, that turned to woeful meeps when his battery ran low.

And he did a pretty good job of cleaning up the floors and getting up the dust on the hardwoods. Not a deep clean, but certainly cleaner than before.

Well my roommate Kelly also owns a Roomba. I have not bonded with this one nearly as much as Hunt's, but I have enjoyed using it at our place. Until it gets into the fireplace because I haven't guarded it, spraying all the fake little rocks all over the living room. Or almost pulls the speakers off a table getting tangled up in the wires. Or calls to me with distressed buzzes when it's stuck under the rocking chair in the kitchen. I haven't decided if it's a he or a she, but we get along pretty well.

I can tell you who doesn't get along with Roomba. My parent's dog Molly. Molly came to stay with me for a week while they were traveling and I recorded a video of Molly's introduction to the robotic vacuum that she believes is dead set on devouring her if it gets close enough.


If I could interpret what Molly is saying at the end of this video it would sound something like this: "Lady, you're crazy if you think I'm coming back in there.  And, no, you can't make me."

She exited and this is how I found her shortly after...

Which made me feel like an evil Aunt.  

Mom and Dad, she might be choosing the kennel over staying with me the next time you go on a trip.  Just an FYI.

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2 Remarks:

Lindsay Adams said...

Hey girl! What color blue is that on your walls? I like it! I'm thinking about painting our bedroom a similar color. Let me know if you know what brand and color it is. BTW, we need to plan a girls weekend! Any talk of that lately?

Leslie said...

I miss Molly! and of course... I miss you too, Melissa:)