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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Halloween Tension

As much as I love the fall, the leaves changing, the first scent of a lit fireplace on the breeze, Halloween brings a tension amidst my autumnal revelry.

The reason for this tension?

The picking of the costume.

I've struggled with this before, and it comes up every October. Now there is an added dimension to this year's decision. I will be visiting Hunt during Halloween and we have a fantastic party to go to that is costume required. So, the twist on this year's adventure of finding the perfect get up is the question of should we go as team? One of those couples that has coordinated costumes to amp up the effect? Or is that just nauseating?

Faithful readers, I put the question to you. I'm inserting a temporary poll on my blog to get your opinion on this perplexing quandary I find myself in. Of course, you could always share your thoughts with commenting below (any decent suggestions I will GLADLY take).

Since this is happening with less than two weeks to go, obviously you know that I consider your vote to be more important than the presidential election that will shortly follow.

Our options are this:
  1. John and Cindy McCain
    I think we could pull this off, but Hunt's not crazy about the idea of having to become partially bald and gray. Can't say I would be either, but this costume does give me the chance to wear a cocktail dress.
  2. Roman guard and Greek woman
    Leftovers from costumes from years before...
  3. Twister and Spin the Bottle
    I would wear a Twister game costume and Hunt would be the spin the bottle game. Hunt has pointed out that this choice could lead to very upsetting results and therefore, while funny, might not be wise...
  4. The "I dream of Genie" girl and the Major
    I have the genie costume (don't ask) but don't have the Major's
  5. James Bond and Bond girl
    Hunt owns a tux (ALWAYS a plus) and I can definitely find a great Bond girl-esque dress
  6. Anything you can think of????

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3 Remarks:

Lindsay Adams said...

I LOVE the idea of John and Cindy McCain! Mostly because you already look exactly like Cindy (only a lot younger) and Hunt would be hilarious as John. How appropriate with the upcoming election too? John and Cindy costumes have my vote!

maggiemae and family said...

i like "sick and tired". or "email and an attachment" you can google them :)

Anonymous said...

what about Barrack and Michelle??? :)