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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Costume Dilemma

This is always a difficult choice for me - does anyone else have this problem? I really struggle with the choice, then to make it worse, it seems like the options are on opposite ends of the spectrum, either go in a mascot-full-cover-fuzzy sweatbox, or go slutty in a too-short go-go dress that you would die if your parents ever knew you went outside in. So, I eventually found something at Charlotte Russe and became a devil - two interesting things to note here: 1. The outfit I purchased a before mentioned store is something that other people would actually go out in and feel perfectly comfortable in...whereas I could only justify it because of Halloween and 2. that I decided to go as a devil, knowing that the second party I was going to was sponsored by Buckhead church. I put myself at risk of exorcism I guess. Anyway some pics from both parties I went to - I love all the thought that people put into their costumes and that they were willing to dress up!

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