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Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Woodson Elementary

I've shared before how we at Buckhead Church have adopted Woodson Elementary as a partner for this school year. How the people of BC had given enough money on one Sunday to give each child a new pair of shoes, support the building of a new playground and snacks at the beginning and end of the week for their bellies.

We were treated to a school assembly where their step team, drum line, cheerleaders and boy scout color guard impressed us with their routines to kick off a great school year and our partnership with them.

Then the curtain on the small stage in front was pulled back to reveal stacks upon stacks of their new shoes, and the kids went crazy. They were so excited, and their smiles were completely contagious.

Here is the video update from the morning that we gave the children their new shoes. This serves also a note to self: this video has been played multiple times before the start of our services at BC. A good reminder that I need to make the extra effort to shower and what not when we as a staff at BC do anything...that there will most likely be a camera there capturing the moment. And then 6,000 people will get to see it the next Sunday...or two.

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