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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am officially 25

Similar to that famous office in Scranton, my coworkers and I have been competing in a fitness challenge for the past eight weeks. It was called the Atlanta Challenge.

We competed against several large, and prominent, companies in Atlanta. And I'm pretty sure they counted us out since we are church people. Our three campuses were considered one company since we all technically work for North Point Ministries. We were up against UPS, Coca-Cola, Chik-fil-A, Verizon Wireless and Georgia Power to name a few. We competed closely, often in the top slot, but were passed at the very end. But we may still win the "Most Participation" award for the competition. I'm definitely looking forward to the awards ceremony that is being hosted in the World of Coke in a couple weeks.

On to the important stuff. Eight awful weeks ago I tested my Cardiovascular VO2 score, flexibility, body composition, and strength ranking. I will tell you that I sucked it up in all but the strength category. Though I did take some solace in knowing that I was not likely needing to lose fat to improve my body composition, but rather gain muscle, as the test administrator from Polar kindly told me. So, at that point, my (cue awful, dread-inducing music here) Body Age was reported as 32. 32?!?!?! I am OLDER? Where did those 4 precious years go?

After much gnashing of my aged teeth and wringing of my liver-spotted hands, I started training for the Thanksgiving half-marathon and regularly stretching after exercising. The training hasn't been as consistent as I would like, and harder at times than I anticipated, but as it gets cooler outside, it has gotten easier.

Yesterday was the post-testing day. I actually brought my Stretch-Rite apparatus that Big Peach Running sold me to help me get more limber. Yes, I was that girl.

I'm here to tell you, it was totally worth it. My Cardiovascular VO2 score went from 26 to 41, I actually stretched beyond my toes and my strength went to the excellent range. As a result, I dropped 7 years from my Body Age!

Got to say, I'm enjoying being 25 again.

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