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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Consider me Tagged

Ok, so Jerry has tagged me on his blog and to avoid random lightbulbs being removed from my cube, my phone disappearing from my desk and my fob being hijacked, I am complying with posting 10 random facts about myself...

  1. Two months before my due date my parents transferred from Lilburn, Georgia to the college town of Newark, Delaware. So, for the record, I had no say in my being born a Delawarean.
  2. I was supposed to be a Leap Year baby but decided to come 3 weeks early...and have been late for everything else ever since.
  3. I spent the first few days of my life in an incubator. Since I am almost 5'10", this causes many people to joke about me being left in there too long...
  4. My father named me while my mother was recovering from labor. She liked Alyssa, he thought that was a made up name, so he went with a close second. We still wonder where my middle name came from.
  5. I went to grade school in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Thoughout elementary, middle and high school I was in a Georgia public school as some point.
  6. I was a year-round athlete for most of my childhood - I participated in both Junior Olympic swimming and volleyball.
  7. I broke my right ring finger in a volleyball game in high school.
  8. I sang for Clemson in college and performed in Carnegie Hall under the direction of John Rutter while performing Handel's Messiah.
  9. I spent the summer between my junior and senior year in college in the small country of Slovakia while on a mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ.
  10. In my short working life, I have been a toy store shop girl, a nanny, an information desk attendant, a lifeguard, a graduate assistant, an account manager, a pharmaceutical sales rep, and a staff member at Buckhead Church.
Now I am responsible for tagging 5 more people and making them share 10 random things about themselves...

1. Shannon - you have to do this for yourself, not about Chase!
2. Lindsay - because I'm hoping you will share where you learned to make faces like that (the funny thing is, I just looked at your blog after I wrote that...)
3. Leslie G - again...not about Ava, but about you!
4. Stewart - I'm thinking there's a lot going on under that calm surface...
5. Emily - also a quiet one that must have a secret double life

Honorable mention:
Tammy - but I'm pretty sure she has many other things on her plate...though I KNOW hers would be really interesting.

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Stewart said...

Finally got to it! ...for your viewing pleasure.