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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thaaaaank yooooo...

A little reflection at this time of year always makes me aware of how very much I have to be thankful for....
  • Having a job that I love. Finally.
  • Getting to work with friends every day.
  • Mom and Dad moving back to Atlanta.
  • Brad getting engaged to Anne.
  • Getting LASIK done. For free.
  • 2 of my close friends having their first child...Chase and Ava Grace.
  • Going to see Clemson play three times this season.
  • Alissa, Anne, Cammie, Leslie getting engaged.
  • Standing beside Cammie and Leslie when they got married.
  • Having the luxury to travel overseas and across America.
  • Working in a brand new building with my very own Mac.
  • Wonderful friends and my small group.
  • Dad being cancer free for a year and half now!

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Shannon said...

Aww, thanks for thinking of Chase! You are too sweet! I'm thankful that I got to see you twice in the past year and that we have internet so we can keep in touch!