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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One busy weekend

What happens when you have something going on every night of the weekend, starting Thursday? Well, if you're me, you end up with a lot of pictures!

Thursday: The High Museum had a lovely wine tasting event...who knew that the Beaujolais was premiering? Evidently the folks over at the High are keeping their finger on the pulse of wine birthdays.

Friday: Time for the annual Thanksgiving dinner party...complete with costumes. Though Dalton didn't go for the full pilgrim outfit this year, Ben and Alissa came as leftovers...covered in saran wrap. Kudos guys.

Saturday: All day tailgating for a 7:45 PM kickoff in Death Valley. Hunt and I headed up to Tiger Town to watch a victory! Unfortunately, that's not what we got, but tailgating with the Buchholz's and having 70 year old men tell you to eat more and have another beer is always entertaining. Great tailgating, beautiful weather, introducing a first timer to Clemson football = fun!

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