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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surgery Update

Jake's surgery is complete and was successful...Praise the Lord!!!! He was moved from the operating room to the cardiac ICU at Children's and Tammy, BJ, her parents Lena and Tim and myself were able to visit him. Touching that little foot while his body was wrapped in tubes and gauze is something that will stay with me forever.

Jake's surgeon, Dr. Paul Kirshbom, was able to repair all 4 of Jake's heart anomalies "without any complications". They did leave Jake's chest open due to some bleeding, which is continuing at this time, but according to the physician this is "expected" and they will continue to watch the bleeding closely. Leaving Jake's chest open will allow them to do any further repairs to his heart, as needed, if the bleeding continues.

Thank the Lord for this amazing miracle...Jake has been fighting the last few days of his life more than many of us will ever have to fight in our entire lives...he is truly a "miracle baby"...please join me in continuing to pray continuously for Jake's recovery in the critical hours and days to come and thanking God for the blessing of Jake's precious life.

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