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Monday, October 01, 2007

Buckhead Church Blog

Check out the latest things that BC has been up to on its blog. It's updated pretty regularly by our campus pastor, Jeff Henderson, and several other staffers.

Recent posts have included baptism videos complete with the footage of the dunking itself. For my friends and family that don't come to this church, if you want a small picture of what I do for a job, these videos are what I help people prepare for, coach them through telling their stories, and help produce. On the actual Sunday, it's either me or Susanne off in the wings directing the baptizer and baptizee's where to go and what to do (and usually tearing up even though we've heard the stories multiple times). These videos are terrific examples of the life change that is occurring here at Buckhead and in Atlanta.

Also, further down, is a video of our staff organizing the overwhelming amount of school supplies that our attenders donated and helped to send to schools in Baghdad. Unbelievable amounts of crayons. And a good glimpse into what a staff culture is like.


Keep on checking for updates!

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