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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I thought we were on the same side...

Last night I had the pleasure of watching my Clemson Tigers stomp on the FSU Seminoles. And yes, I chose to say stomp even though I thought Clemson fan’s hearts everywhere would get their hearts broken by a last minute win by FSU. While watching at a sports bar filled with a scattering of fans from both sides, there was hooting and hollering from both camps at different points, but a general civility prevailed and there were no slurs hurled across team lines. Instead, after getting up to leave after watching a FSU defeat, an excited girl decked in orange yelled out as we passed, “Hey, are y’all Clemson fans?!?!” and after a nod of my head with a smile over our common bond of love of our Tigers, she spit back “your enthusiasm sucked!!”

Now, I may be confused...but didn’t we just win? Didn’t we just clap and woohoo together in the glory of a college football victory? And aren’t we on the same side? Are you really directing your trash talk at a fellow Tiger when there are plenty of Seminoles left to deride?

Hey loud, trash-talking girl...why don’t you go beat up on some of those poor little Florida State Seminoles instead of me?

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