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Monday, May 28, 2007

Eye in the Sky

One of the many fabulous perks of my new job is being the operator of a nifty and neat Apple laptop. This is not my first Apple. At one point, my home had two Apple computers in its confines. Disregard the fact that it was the late 80s please. I remember being so excited by having an computer in my bedroom...and that was well before the Internet folks. I was excited by the thought of word processing at will at any time. I was an unusual child, I know. It even played Hal from Space Odyssey 2001 when it was shutting down. Something like "my mind is going..." Actually, that would be great for so many of my computer functions now that I think about it.

Anyway, I now use a MacBook on a daily basis. And LOVE it. So cool. I was never in the cool crowd, but this might have helped me find my way in. Part of it is the wireless Internet technology, the ease of iChat with my Google chat and NOW the fact that I can video conference with anyone that also has a Mac through the chat function.

I should share that I didn't even realize that the little black eye at the top of my computer screen was a camera until last week when I asked a fellow church staffer why she had a mini-post it on her laptop. She laughed and said that she was a freakish kind of paranoid person, but she didn't want to be secretly watched. I looked at her like she had more than her fair share of screws loose. I thought that little black thing was the magnet that held the top onto the base when it was closed. Wow. Who in IT watched me while I Facebook stalked people, blew my nose countless times with a wretched cold caught from cuddling a baby in the nursery, or while I sang at full tilt to some embarrassing 80s song? I am now the proud owner of a laptop with a mini purple post-it covering my camera. No, the IT department has better things to do than spy on us, but the potential just freaks me out.

Tonight I ventured into the unknown. I messaged a friend across town who is also the owner of an apple laptop and we...video conferenced! He called his girlfriend into the room so that she could participate in our space-age communication.

(By the way, why does new technology always seem to possess the use of "space-age polymers?" Yes, Brian, I stole your question.)

We are all technologically advanced...yet, we all were a little freaked out that we were talking and looking at one another in our pjs and sweats. A little close for comfort.

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