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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Voice Mail Protocol

Everyone has different standards for voice mail etiquette. In particular, I have had several men in my life tell me that unless I put the reason for the call at the front end of the message then I might as well forget them getting any information out of my call since they will in no way be listening to the entire 7 minute monologue I have gifted them with.

One friend in particular (Mark, this is you just in case you don't figure it out) tells me that if I don't state purpose, reason, and required action up front that I will not rate a call back. Period. That tempted me to call him and play some 90's hit of Alanis Morrissette on his voice mail over and over. And over.

What has been interesting is the things that have been left on voice mail that I in no way intended to leave. I have been recorded singing at the top of my lungs to Jeremy Camp's latest single. Believe me, my rendition of "I still believe" did not sound nearly as good when played back on a cell phone for a large listening audience as it did in my acoustically correct Nissan Altima. Or the time that I started to leave a message, determined what I had said was stupid, commented aloud on that very thing, then, meaning to erase, and re-record, hit send. Not only send, but send with an urgent setting. Great, just great.

And, most recently, after leaving a lengthy, yet necessary, message, I managed to sneeze rather loudly at the end. Thankfully this was a friend that I was calling, and since I didn't feel like reiterating everything I had said perfectly the first time, I apologized and left it on there. Rude, and maybe a tad lazy.

There have been myriad other things that have occurred, as in calling someone the wrong name, forgetting WHO I was calling in the first place, forgetting WHY I was calling, and, worst of all, almost having an accident and screaming bloody murder into the phone and then hanging up, leaving a family member thinking that I had probably died in some horrific crash on 285.

A long, pointless, rambling voice mail message is in your future. And it will probably be from me.

2 Remarks:

Shannon said...

For what it's worth, I always look forward to your voice mails! :)

Melissa Merkel said...

Shay, it's worth a lot. I love you. Can't wait to see you again soon.