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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


During an all-girls dinner party last night the following was uttered:

"He was really 'handsy.' As in his hands were absolutely way too small for his frame. It kind of freaked me out."

"You do not call someone for a booty call that you are not getting 'booty' from. It's just common sense. I'm not a girl that you get 'booty' from anyway."

"I am capable of driving the car, but I was not created to drive the car and I would prefer someone else to drive the car; but if I feel that they are incapable of doing so, I'll go ahead and get in the driver's seat."

"I was on a date and asked a guy if he was involved in the community. He shared a story of building a swingset for a disabled little girl back in his senior year of high school and that was pretty much the extent of his involvement....I should mention that this guy is 33."

So yes, guys we do talk about you...you just probably don't want to know what we actually say.

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Anonymous said...

I had a conversation over lunch about pros and cons of Buckhead Church on Tuesday. We both agreed the message was great and we enjoyed the services. We also agreed that a con was people extremely involved seemed to carry an arrogance around their relationship with God / the service (or involvment). As part of that we agreed they seem to look down on others less involved rather than reach out to them. Other churchs seems to do much better at this.

Melissa Merkel said...

I'm sorry that you've experienced that at Buckhead. This blog entry was meant as a joke and hopefully was not the thing that prompted you to share this comment.

As someone that came to buckhead 3 years ago not knowing a single soul and being included and welcomed warmly at every turn, I have not experienced what you have shared, though I know that there are people like that in every crowd. My challenge to you would be to change that perception by serving in some capacity at Buckhead and helping to create a warm, inclusive environment.

If I have ever acted in an arrogant manner toward you concerning my involvement or my relationship with the Lord I apologize. I realize all too well that I have received grace and mercy. Things that I am not deserving of by ANYTHING that I have done, or will do.